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Our Pillars
About Genetrix Software

Genetrix Software is a Top Rated Software Development,Consulting & Technology Distribution Company in the UK.

We are one of the most innovative, agile and creative enterprise software companies for SME growth and profitability. We develop custom, mobile, web and desktop software. We add value to your business by developing smart business solutions, automation, robotics and artificial Intelligence.


Professional Team

We are a team of Developers, UI/UX Designers, Security/Server Management,Business Development, Finance & Commercial Experts.

Software Experience

Software coding & programming leaders. Our innovative products include Latest Trends, Insights, Analytics and Internet of Things.

Safe. Secure. Fast

We drive technological evolution with industry best practice. Our methodologies help establish potential risk and optimize application performance. We strive to meet operating country compliance requirement.

Grow Your Business

We provide customized software

Innovation & Creativity is the core of our business. We support our customers with innovative solutions that increases efficiency and drives profitability.

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